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The BlueBear is a low-to-medium gain overdrive pedal. It implements its filter and clipping circuits in separate gain stages, that places it in the "Blues Breaker" category of overdrive pedals. The unique bass recovery stage and bass/treble EQ with boost and cut, give the BlueBear a fullness, clarity, and tonal flexibility not commonly found in pedals in its category. The wide span gain control can be adjusted from completely clean, a slight twinkle, or up to full transparent overdrive. The design of the filter, bass recovery, and EQ stages result in an overdrive that is crisp, shiny, and retains the original character of the guitar, even at higher gain settings. Manufacture includes high-end op-amps and film capacitors for clear, crisp audio.

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Gain for both the single note rhythm and solo is about 2 o'clock so a moderate amount of gain. Disclaimer, some have mentioned the "harmonics" but those are actually a synth sound. Some backwards reverb in a few places because, well, you have to have some fun.

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Gain on this is pretty close to full for both rhythm and lead to show it can get pretty crunchy. A bit of bass and treble boost as well but not to the extent that it would be considered scooped. This piece of music is an instrumental edit cover version of Cry For Love by Iggy Pop.

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User Reviews

“The Blue Bear is a fantastic low to mid gain overdrive, super responsive to pick attack, super usable high and low eq sections, adjusting gain and volume allows you to dial in awesome tones all across the low to mid gain spectrum, I haven’t found an unusable sound in it, on a board full of high end equipment my Blue Bear is my go to, and it stacks with everything, and to say it is transparent is not just a buzz word for the Blue Bear, to sum up, get yourself one, You deserve it.” —T.N.

“The VEXX AUDIO Blue Bear is the best low gain/boost pedal I've ever had! Its so transparent and full of tone! Its built like a tank and the knobs are silky smooth! Even at modest settings, its like a blanket lifted off my amps! Customer for life!” —N.H.

“Not only does this pedal look cool, it sounds amazing too. A transparent overdrive with lots of headroom, and dynamic response.” —M.S.

“The BlueBear is hands-down one of the best transparent/blue breaker overdrives I have ever played. From the moment you pick it up, you feel pure quality, from its build quality to its tonal characteristics. Plug in a strat, and you’ve got that raunchy blues tone with crystal clear dynamics. With a humbucker, you get that fat and rich saturated tone that is reminiscent of the classic rock gods we all love. For an extra kick, the bass and treble controls are so responsive that you can dial in anything you need. The BlueBear is easily one of my favorite pedals to date.” —R.K.

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